Digital Experts Academy Review

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The Digital Experts Academy Review - Does The Digital Experts Academy Really Work?

The Digital Experts academy The Digital Experts Academy Click Here for The Digital Experts Academy This is my Digital Experts Academy review,if you are looking for the official Digital Experts Academy you need to Click Here For The Official Digital Experts Academy Site  

The Digital Experts Academy Review - What is it?

The Digital Experts academy

The Digital Experts Academy was formed in 2012 by a Group of Young Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs, who have a very successful past to draw upon.

The Last 5 years on the internet has been akin to the  Great Gold Rush, in the 1800's, and The Digital Experts Academy Founders, are committed to Establishing  a resource that will be the cornerstone for people wishing to establish themselves as Digital Entrepreneurs, to become financially self sufficient, in the new economy.

The founders looked at every area that some one starting from scratch would need, establishing the frame work, of four levels of membership, that some one starting as an opportunity seeker would need to get themselves to becoming a Digital Marketing  Expert The Digital Experts Academy will do just that Here is how it works
  1. DEA is a private membership based community.
  2. Prospective members must be referred by an existing member or authorized affiliate/reseller.
  3. Membership is granted upon successful completion of an application and interview.
  4. There are four levels of membership designed to take members from novice to digital expert.
  5. Your SFM Affiliate will introduce you To The Opportunity accessed through The SFM

The Digital Experts Academy-What I Liked

I Love The fact that The Guys behind this are prepared to work with you, one on one, once you have demonstrated a sound work ethic, and a willingness to learn. There are no hyped up silly claims about income, or potential earnings. It is a structured, sequential course, each part of which leads on from each other and builds the person to be able to take the next steps. From The required Mindset, through Branding, Right up to and including Product development and launch.

The Digital Experts Academy - What I Didn't Like

The one thing I didn't like, was the mindset training in the first phase. It all seems a bit mumbo jumbo,hippy talk for me, however when I actually got to talk to the trainers, and they explained the science behind the words, I was able to get over my initial suspicions, but I was a reluctant student at first. That has not held me back, but working at something I do not like has never been easy for me

The Digital Experts Academy Review - Overall Thoughts

I really like the Digital Experts Academy. From Inception to Launch and beyond, The needs of the student, are central. Be that student approaching from a place of absolute No Knowledge, to a semi professional with a temporary challenge. The language is straight forward precise and the learning is structured. The Most important thing to me about The Digital Experts Academy is that those delivering the training are actual practitioners of the subject, non of the "book taught, we have an idea  of what we mean guys! " here, The founders have scoured the market place identifying trainers / practitioners who are actually practicing what they preach. Couple that with full transparency and FSA compliance, you have a product that will only be of benefit to its members.

Digital Experts Academy is an entrepreneur incubator that specializes in digital marketing. Aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, come to DEA for cutting edge training, solutions, and strategies.


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